We appreciate your interest in allowing us to manage your printed pages, meter readings, and ink/toner usage! This is a secure app that runs in the background, takes little resources to run and only wakes up to gather data.

Download the software by clicking this link .

  1. Choose to "Save" the program, and run the program [by clicking/opening the download] once completed. Follow the installation Setup Wizard, accepting the prompts as they appear and proceed to launch Print Tracker.

    • When the registration screen appears, the Dealer ID, password, and email address will be pre-populated. Proceed to enter in the following fields.​​

      • Company name

      • Contact name

      • Phone number​ & EMAIL ADDRESS*

  2. Click the “Get License Key” button to retrieve a license key.

  3. Select “Save and Close” and Print Tracker will automatically begin searching for locally installed printers. Accept the prompt to search for network printers. When the ‘Search’ dialog box appears, click the ‘Search’ button in the lower left to complete the installation..

  4. You may see messages appear as the installation progresses. Accept them, then click on the Email button to run a baseline report.

Your installation is complete, and you may close/exit the program. Print Tracker runs as a service in the background. System performance will not be affected and you security is assured.

Thank you for TRUSTING