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We appreciate your interest in allowing us to manage your printed pages, meter readings, and ink/toner usage. This is a secure app that runs in the background, takes little resources to run and only wakes up to gather data. We strongly recommend for this to be installed on a networked workstation (computer) that stays powered on. Failure to do so can result in errors on receiving your machine(s) data for toner levels and meters.

If you have already received a DataLink Code you can download the software directly by clicking this link and skipping ahead to STEP 2.

Step 1

Click here to email our office in order to set up your PrintTracker™ Customer Account.

In the email, please provide:

-Your Company Name

-Contact Name

-Contact Email

Once sent, you will soon receive an email from PrintTracker™ directly [Instructions to install Print Tracker Pro from Muller Communications, from <>]

Step 2

-Download and Install the Data Collection Agent (software)

Step 3

-Copy & Paste the unique DataLink code when prompted

Step 4

-Test the Connectivity and if all items are Passed, click ACTIVATE and you're done!

When your installation is complete, you may close/exit the browser window/tab. PrintTracker runs as a service in the background. System performance will not be affected and you security is assured.       


Reinstalling PrintTracker? Click Here

Thank you for TRUSTING




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